Build a Fast webiste and Win 1,000 Birr every Week

Optimize your client or Your own website and take part in our weekly 1000 birr Prize. The fastest site of the week always wins !

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You have spent days building the perfect looking site , Spend few more minutes making it Perfect and get rewarded for it. Fast website means Happy visitors and Better Google Ranking .


Simple, You just need to optimize your website for speed and Submit it using the Form Below. The Fastest Site will be Awarded Every week.

If your site didn't win this week, you can tweak your website and submit it again for a change to try again. We will be posting the winner on out Telegram channel, our website, and on our facebook page.

We will be using Google PageSpeed Insights to test test the performance of your website. Make sure you have ran your own test and optimize your website for better score .

Every Thing you need to know ...

How Many Times can I Submit My site?

You can submit your sites every week untill you win. But make sure to Optimize your site for speed so you have a chance of winning.

What Do i need to do to win?

Your site just needs to be the fastest among all sites submitted that week.

How Are you Going to Test My website?

we will be using Google PageSpeed Insights . The desktop Score will be used to determine the hero. we will run 3 tests and we will take the average. If there are sites with the same score , we will compare the Mobile Result to determine the winner.

What Kind of sites are accepted?

Your site needs to be Real, completed, online, and developed/owned by you. Demo, under construction, no-scroll design, and coming soon Pages are not accepted among others.

Why are u running this competition?

we had the opportunity to work with many developers and came to realize where most websites come short. Security, Performance, and SEO. We wanted to highlight the importance of these elements in website design and development.

Does my website need to be hosted at Yegara?

No, Your website can be hosted with any provider. anyone can take part.

What if my site is already Fast ?

Awesome, if your website has a great score on Google PageSpeed Insights and is fast , you can go ahead and submit it.

Can I submit old websites ?

yes , you can submit any website as long as it is designed by you or you are the owner .

How do you check I developed/own the website?

The easy way will be for us to check if there is a "designed by / developed by " link on the website footer and it links to you . if that is not available you can upload a simple txt file with your contact on it which you can remove later.

How do i get My Money if I Win ?

We will be sending it to you through your bank account.

Can I get Tips on How to speed up my site?

yes , you can find great tips and Techniques for improving site performance at web.dev


When you are ready To Take part in this weeks competition, submit your site and your contact info using the form below.
join our Telegram channel to know when the winners are announced every week.