Transfer a Domain

This Form Will initiate the transfer of your domain to Yegara HOST. If you need assistance copying your Files please Contact Us

Before Transferring Your Domains.

To transfer a domain, the domain must not be:

  • a recent registration or transfer (within 60 days)
  • expired or about to expire (we recommend initiating a transfer at least 2 weeks before a domain expires)
  • Ensure your Whois email address is current as that is the address we will use to authorize the transfer.

Each domain transfer extends your domain registration by one year.*

Easy Domain Transfer Process:

  • 01. Unlock your domain and copy the authentication (EPP) code.
  • 02. Enter the domain and the authentication code above to start your domain transfer.
  • 03. Make Payment and Confirm Using Details Emailed To you.
  • 04. Contact us Through Telegram if you need Help Migrating your Files.
  • Finished!


Our clients span a variety of industries -- financial, academic, government organizations, and more. Having worked closely with these different organizations, Yegara HOST has become familiar with the demands of each industry and how best to fill them.

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