What is Web Hosting & How to Choose the Best Web Hosting in Ethiopia?

December 26, 2020

Choosing web hosting is the first step of creating a website in Ethiopia. In this blog post, you will get every piece of information you need about web hosting in Ethiopia and what quality you should consider before choosing one.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is renting a space on a web server so that the particular website stores its file. That means the website is available to be viewed online.

For example, if you host your website on a particular web hosting provider, anyone can retrieve your data or blog post online from anywhere anytime as long as the person know the URL of your website.

For example, if you take the website earn-smarter.com as an example. It is my other website hosted on yegara host.
What I did was, buying the Web hosting package from yegara, then they allocate me a place on a web server so that anyone can access my blog (earn-smarter.com) online from anywhere. I think you get the idea right?

What are Types of Web Hosting in Ethiopia?

There are four types of web hosting in Ethiopia. These are –

  1. Shared
  2. VPS
  3. Reseller
  4. Dedicated

Let us see them one by one.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a popular option because the price is also relatively low and suitable for blogs or your small business websites.

In shared hosting, you can have more than one website in one account using an add-on domain but if one of the websites gets hacked, the others will also get affected. You also share cPanel for those multiple websites that mean you share memory space and CPU. The good thing is yegara provides unlimited bandwidth and memory so you need no worries.

Yegara host plan and price (the best web hosting in Ethiopia)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Gmail
  • reddit
Pic of yegara shared hosting

Virtual private server (VPS)

Virtual private server or VPS is a better one than shared hosting for medium to large business websites. Unlike shared hosting, you will get your portion of the server in this type of hosting.

VPS plan of yegara host (the best web hosting in Ethiopia)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Gmail
  • reddit
Pic of yegara’s VPS hosting

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is similar to shared hosting but in the case of reseller hosting, the account is different which means every account or customer has its cPanel account and unique username and password to log in into the cPanel account. yegara provides the best reseller hosting offer as you see in the picture below.

Where Can I Find the Best Web Hosting in Ethiopia?

There are many web hosting providers you can use if you want to start your website in Ethiopia. You can use worldwide web hosting providers like Siteground and Bluehost or you can use local web hosting like yegara host in Ethiopia.

What Qualities Does a Good Web Host Have?

While choosing a web host provider, you should actively look for these 5 things.

A different choice of plans with affordable price

A web host should offer different packages at an affordable price. The service they provide should be proportionate to the price. Since you’re going to pay every year the same or higher price, you need to consider it before deciding on the package.

At least 99% uptime

Since you will spend a lot of time and money to build your website, it is important to make sure your website is available every second of the year. So that your web hosting should be able to provide at least 99% uptime.

Security issue

To build a secure website, your web host takes a major role. So you want it to be secure and provide the maximum security possible. Of course, that depends on the package you choose.

They should have a good customer review

This is the first thing you should see. When you choose your web hosting, you need to see the customer reviews. You can see the pros and cons of hosting just by reading reviews.

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A reliable customer support

Starting a website is so confusing especially if it is your first time. That is why you need 24/7 customer support to get you started.

I think by now you know what a web host means and how to choose one. Knowing this will help you to choose your best from these top 14 local web host providers. If you want more information on creating a website in Ethiopia, read this article. You can also get a step by step guide on how to get started on Yegara host here.

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