Yegara VS Ethio telecom Web Hosting in Ethiopia – 2020 Comparision

December 27, 2020

Starting a website in Ethiopia is a little bit confusing since there are few resources to guide new website owners. So when I start my first blog earn-smarter, I didn’t even know there is local website hosting like yegara and Ethio telecom. And I spend almost one year trying to get dollar access through freelancing so that I will start my website on an international web hosting like a blue host.

That was a waste of time for me. I waste a whole one year to figure out about local web hosting.

If you are searching for web hosting in Ethiopia, that means you already know about that so you are on the right track.

Now you need to decide where you want to buy your hosting. This might be confusing because Ethio telecom has such a strong reputation, you may probably know that before and yet every web designers and bloggers are recommending yegara so you might be confused to choose one.

First of all both Yegara host and Ethio telecom web hosting are popular web hosting providers found in Ethiopia. Many Ethiopian website designers and developers prefer one over another based on different criteria and today I will share features, plans, and pricing offered by these two popular Ethiopian web hosting providers. As much s possible I will try to be fair and objective so hopefully, this post will help you decide.

Let’s see what they offer first.

What they offer?

Yegara host

As I mentioned in the introduction, yegara host is one of the known Ethiopian Webhosting providers. They offer different plans and pricing for their customers depends on what kind of website is needed. you can buy your domain or transfer it from another hosting then you can build your website on yegara.

Yegara host plan and price - the best web hosting in Ethiopia
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Gmail
  • reddit

Other than web hosting, yegara host also provides business email service, cPanal, and VPS cloud.

Ethio telecom Web hosting

Ethio telecom is one of the major government-owned companies in Ethiopia. It provided different services for years in Ethiopia. And one of those services is domain and web hosting. For domain, Ethio telecome is currently provide countly code top level domain (.et) and extension (,, etc) and other common type of domain like .com, .org, .net and so on. They also offer other services like hosting and business email packge.

ethio telecom domain name and web hosting in Ethiopia
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  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
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  • Tumblr
  • Gmail
  • reddit

So for your convenience, I categorize different features to compare the two most known web hosting companies found in Ethiopia.

Which one is best choice in 2020? Yegara web hosting Vs Ethio telecom web hosting

Frankly speaking this answer depends on what you need.

For example

  • If you need a country-level domain name like .et or, Ethio telecom is the one that provides this kind of domain name. (Even though you can host on yegara after buying the domain name from Ethio telecom)
  • If you want a low price package with good customer support, yegara might be a better fit for you.
  • If you need a reseller account, yegara is the one that provides this service.

But in general, Yegara is the best one if you plan to start a blog or a business website in Ethiopia.

Based on the Price

Generally speaking, yegara hosting provides a better service for a lower price compared with Ethio telecom web hosting.
You can buy your web hosting with unlimited SSD disk, bandwidth, email accounts, and database for only 780 birrs per year. This package also includes a free SSL certificate and free .com domains.
But in the case of the telecom, their lowest Webhosting price includes only 5 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth, 5 email account, and free domain name for only one year for 650 birrs per year. Even though the price is low with the telecom, the service they offer is different.

Based on the type of domain they provide

When we come to the variety of domains they provide, Ethio telecom is better than yegara. Yegara only provides .com, .org, .net, and other domain types, not country-level domains. Ethio telecom is your only choice if you want to use .et domain names.

Based on a customer ranking

Based on customer ranking, yegara is the better one. For example – Ethio telecom got an 86% rating on whereas, yegara got a 100% rating.

Based on their website authority

Based on Alexa rating

  • Ethio telecome – 77,491
  • Yegara host – 78,096

Based on Moz authority

  • Ethio telecom – 35 domain authority and 49 page authority
  • Yegara host – 17 domain authority and 32 page authority

Based on the number of links

  • Ethio telecom has more than 14,000 links
  • Yegara has more than 2,000 links

Based on payment option

Both companies accept birr currency (local transfer through known Ethiopian banks). In addition to this, Ethio telecom also accepts PayPal transfers using USD currency.

Summary (Which one is the best web hosting in Ethiopia?)

Yegara is a better fit for you if you

  • Want cheap web hosting
  • New to the process – because they provide guidance and support 24/7
  • A better functioning website – fast

Ethio telecom is a better fit for you if you

  • Want to pay with USD currency
  • Want to buy a country level domain name

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