Reseller Hosting
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You pay what we pay — you won’t find better value.

cPanel Reseller Hosting with no-markup pricing, we will only ever charge you what we pay to the registry for your domain and Hosting. No markup and no surprise fees.

Reseller 5X

8,400Birr / year  
  • 5 cPanel Accounts
  • 5.COM Domains

Reseller 10X

16,500Birr / year  
  • 10 cPanel Accounts
  • 10.COM Domains

Reseller 10X

32,000Birr / year  
  • 20 cPanel Accounts
  • 20.COM Domains

We thought You might ask...

Is it White-Labeled?

Yes, Our cPanel is completely white-label and unbranded throughout. No mention of yegara anywhere .

Why is it low-priced

We have automated every aspect of this, so there is no overhead charge to worry about to drive our price.

Can I Sell Custome Packages ?

yes, We have created cUstoem ackages you can use with different specs of 5G , 10G , 30G, 60G and Unimited. You can switch clients between each package helping you upsell your product .

Can I Buy only .COM domain with reseller Hosting?

Yes, we had to limied it to .COM to be able to offer the best price. if you require a diffrent domain TLD, you can use our regular packages offered .

It is cPanel,Right ?

Yes, It is cPanel .

Is WHM or WHMCS inluded ?

No, You will be managing it through the standard yegara portal you are used to , whith some additional features. Like adding renewal reminders via sms and email Notification to your client, ability to SUSPEND and UNSUSPEND an account, upgrade/downgrade a Plan.

Is VAT Included?

The Price Does not inlude vat or taes, it is a raw convertion of the amout paid to the regstrar and datacenter.

How do I get started ?

Get in touch with us on telegram and we can place the order for you .

A Proven Track Record

Our clients span a variety of industries -- financial, academic, government organizations, and more. Having worked closely with these different organizations, Yegara HOST has become familiar with the demands of each industry and how best to fill them.

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