Send OTP to Ethiopia
from your Websites & apps

Sending SMS to Ethiopia is made simple via Yegara SMS API Gateway. With our SMS Gateway API for Ethiopia, you can get started right now.

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Easily SMS-enable your website, application or customer relationship management platform.

What You Need To Know ...

How Do I Get Started:

Please Refer to our 👉 Getting Started With Our SMS API guide.

How Much Does It COST:

The SMS GATEWAY is provided for FREE with all your domains at yegara.

How many SMS can I send:

We did not sent a Hard limit, but it is Not UNLIMTED

What Kind Of Message Can I Send:

You can only Send OTP

Who Can use This SMS GATEWAY and API

We wanted to make verifying your users as simple as possible. This is provided as a solution for small businesses and developers who don't have the resource or time to develop their own SMS Gateway.

If you are an established business and SMS adds a real value to your business, please consider working with our Partner to implement a proper SMS strategy.