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CPU Cores Memory Storage Transfer Monthly Price
CPU Cores2 CPU Memory4 GB Storage40 GB SSD Transfer20 TB Monthly Price 680 Birr
was 1,240 Birr
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CPU Cores4 CPU Memory8 GB Storage80 GB SSD Transfer20 TB Monthly Price 1,155 Birr
was 2,100 Birr
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CPU Cores4 CPU Memory8 GB Storage160 GB SSD Transfer20 TB Monthly Price 2,035 Birr
was 3,700 Birr
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CPU Cores8 CPU Memory16 GB Storage240 GB SSD Transfer20 TB Monthly Price 3,795 Birr
was 6,900 Birr
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What you need to Know ...

What are VPS?

VPS are Linux-based virtual machines (VMs) that run on top of virtualized hardware. Each VPS you create is a new server you can use, either standalone or as part of a larger, cloud-based infrastructure.

Can I use The Student Discount If I am Not a Student?

No, You can Only use the discount coupon if you are a student and learning development.

But What happens if I do use the coupon and I am not a student?

We will Hire an assassin to take care of you. we will just ask you to pay the full amount.

How Much Traffic / Bandwidth Do I Get ?

20 TB of traffic is included regardless of which package you choose. But if you need, you may add more.

What is the setup Fee?

Setup fee is included if you choose to order for 1 Month only. This minimal setup fee allows us to setup the server in advance so that it's ready for you in minutes. Terms longer than 3 month do not include setup Fee .

What Operating Systems Images are available ?

Linux os are provided as an operating system. you can deploy using Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and CentOS.

Can I use the VPS as An SMTP relay ?

Unfortunately No, to fight against spammers and scammers ports 25 and 465 are blocked by default on all vps servers. As an alternative, you can use port 587 to send emails via external mail delivery services.

What level of support is included?

We Provide unmanaged VPS hosting, designed for experienced developers seeking full control over their server. With root access to your VPS, you will have autonomy in installing your preferred Operating System (OS) and applications to suit your operating specifications. Our support team will be here to help you with all network and hardware related issues.