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Yegara (የጋራ) offers you the best web hosting solution in Ethiopia today.

Starting from 780 Birr, our pricing model ensures you are getting one of the most cost-effective and flexible web hosting solutions in Ethiopia.

Our web hosting has no limits; cPanel Web Hosting from Yegara ensures easy management of your website round the clock, and our support is here to ensure that any problems you may encounter are solved with speed and efficiency.

.COM 780 Birr 980 Birr
.NET 980 Birr 1,200 Birr
.ORG 1,480 Birr 1,680 Birr
.INFO 1,480 Birr 1,680 Birr
.IO 2,900 Birr 3,100 Birr
.TOP 780 Birr 980 Birr

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