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How do I get a free Let'sEncrypt SSL certificate for my domain?

Powered by Lets Encrypt, Yegara HOST customers can apply a FREE SSL certificate to all domains under your hosting account.

To add your free SSL certificate:

1. Under the ‘Security’ section click on the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ icon
LE Guide

2. Click the +Issue link next to the domain for which you'd like to obtain your SSL certificate.

LE 3.Finally, click the Issue button and your certificate will be issued.


Force a site to use SSL ( HTTPS:// )

if you complete this process before setting up your website (e.g. installing WordPress) then it's likely no further action is required and you can choose to use the https website address during the install or site build.

However, if your site is currently up and running using http:// then you will need to perform further site specific tasks to get it working correctly over https://

1. Click Domains from within the < b> DOMAINS section in cPanel.

LE Guide

2. Simply click the slider switch under the Force HTTPS Redirect column next to the domain you want to enable.

LE Guide

3. You'll see a confirmation message in the top-right hand corner and the switch will toggle to On.

LE Guide

All traffic for this domain will now be forced to HTTPS.

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